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About Let Us Market Your Listings Optimize WeedMaps, Leafly, and Google Share stories that are remembered. All cannabis products or services are similar in someway. Talk about your journey and why your brand stands for cannabis. Transparency will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Content is King. Photo and Videos are Queens of content. It is the first part of getting attention and keeping users interested in engaged. Choose only the best unique imagery for your page. Optimized Cannabis Listings Gain Organic Traffic Get Started Powered by RichTeaMedia360 Create Converting Content All the substance is no good if you don't have a strong foundation. Ensure that you have strong keywords, searchable content and powerful back links to your page. Upgrade your plan to stand out on top of the search.

6 Actionable Steps To Create a Powerful Listing

Bite-Size Descriptions with Value

Short, Sweet, and to the Point! Attention spans of users are short so constantly keep them engaged with bold headlines, bullet form points, and use of colors and graphics.

Team Photos + Videos

Staff photos communicate quickly and effectively. It turns your business into real people, and customers want to buy from people they trust. Behind the Scenes imagery works great too!

Sharing Your Journey

Cannabis is over-run by hungry sharks. Share why you started this business in the first place. Explain your obstacles, include emotion, and showcase your passion for cannabis.

Highlight Unique Features

What separates you from your competitors? Do some research on them and highlights all the things that make your business different from the rest.

Integrate Your Social Posts

Customers love the information that is recent. It show’s that you are active and involved. Highlight your favorite social posts to create more engagement.

Call-to-Action by Offering Deals

All we need is a little reminder to take action. Our Dashboard offers the ability to create events, coupons, and announcements. Get customers to take action!

Built to Help You Grow Increase Visibility: themes rely on complicated CSS changes if you want to configure your sites responsiveness perfectly. Slider Revolution offers 100% control over the position of any element on each device size. Looking to use any of the hundreds of available google fonts? No, problem! Just choose the font from a list and Slider Revolution will load just the needed additional font files. Visibility: Global Audience Marketing Tools Localized Search Choosing from a huge library of pre-made templates, you can setup your website without building everything from scratch. Pick the designs you like, change the content and you're done! See How it Works

Marketing to Cannabis Professionals & Consumers

A page with good content and strong imagery easily stands out from the rest. It shows you care about putting quality into all channels. Location Based Marketing is under-rated. Most of searches are now on mobile. Allow customers to find you quickly and effortlessly. Stand out from Competition Located on Maps Shared To Social Channels Link all your social profiles and encourage sharing. Customer engagement and reviews play a huge factor into Search Engine triggers.


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