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We pride ourselves on providing the best possible DNA testing service for cannabis and hemp growers. From more affordable pricing, biodegradable and recyclable DNA collection kits, simple and convenient DNA collection instructions, better turnaround times, and higher accuracy – at Delta Leaf we set the standards for convenience, customer service, and diagnostic excellence. 

Delta Leaf Laboratories can identify the sex of a plant in a few days using a simple DNA test. This only requires a small leaf sample, while providing a big cost and time savings compared to visual detection. We have additional tests to identify hemp plants that contain the genes for producing THC and/or CBD. Finally, we can test for various plant pathogens and harmful microbes to provide internal quality control for cultivators.





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    Q FAQ

    See Our FAQ.
    It Answers Many of your Questions:
    How do I collect samples?
    Why do I have to use cotyledon leaves?
    Can I save unused kits for future orders?​​
    Can Delta Leaf come collect samples for me?
    Can I bring plants to your lab for testing?
    Are DNA samples legal to send in the mail?
    Do you ship internationally?
    How do I submit my samples?
    How do you test the sex/gender of a plant?
    What type of plants can you test?
    How does spending money on DNA testing make growing more affordable?
    How much does plant DNA testing cost?
    Does the sex/gender test identify hermaphrodites?
    When will I receive my results?
    How accurate is the testing?
    Who will see my data?
    What happens to samples after they're done being processed?

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    October, 2022




    August 26,2019

    • Tuesday
    • 9:00am - 10:00am
    • ejspina
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